(Photo) Leslie Borg and Anita Silva, _scape, 2012 (prototype) - DOS Exhibition

EP studio

Elisabetta Pisu project manager

From concept to completion: EP studio assists you with the realisation and promotion of your cultural project, be it an exhibition or another type of cultural event, developing the most effective strategies to raise funds and find the right partners, and planning marketing and communication campaigns.
My degree in Sociology and further specialisation in Cultural Management in the fields of Art and Design, led me to work for such international institutions as IMF Foundation, Caspian Arts Foundation, MOP Foundation and P21 Gallery. Among others, I worked on exhibitions produced by world-renowned institutions as Fondazione Musica per Roma and Design Museum Gent. With my ten years' experience I can help you develop innovative intercultural projects both at a national and international level.


EP studio | Elisabetta Pisu
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